Meridian Prime Power Supply (57% off)

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The Meridian Prime Power Supply is a high-performance, ultra-low noise power supply designed for the Meridian Prime headphone amplifier/DAC. It offers regulated 12-volt and 5-volt USB outputs, can power up to five low-voltage audio components, and matches the Prime’s chassis for seamless stacking. Ideal for audiophiles seeking enhanced audio performance.

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The Meridian Prime Power Supply is a high-performance power supply designed to complement Meridian’s Prime headphone amplifier/DAC. This matching silver module is essential for anyone looking to elevate their audio experience by providing the clean, regulated power that the Prime deserves. When stacked neatly beneath the Prime headphone amp, the Prime Power Supply replaces the standard AC wall-wart adapter, delivering highly regulated, ultra-low noise 12-volt power to the Prime’s amplifier circuitry.

With the Prime Power Supply, you can expect to hear tighter, more defined bass, fuller vocals with added “body” and presence, and a greater sense of sonic realism. The power supply’s USB jack with audio pass-through also delivers pristine 5-volt USB power to the Prime’s digital circuitry, enhancing computer audio performance. This makes it an ideal choice for audiophiles who demand the best from their digital audio sources.

In addition to powering the Prime headphone amp, the Power Supply’s rear-panel 12-volt jacks can power up to four additional low-voltage audio components simultaneously. This makes it a versatile addition to any audio setup, ensuring that multiple components receive the clean power they need for optimal performance.

The Prime Power Supply matches the chassis of the Prime Headphone Amplifier/DAC perfectly, allowing for seamless stacking and a cohesive look. Its compact dimensions (6-5/16″W x 2-1/16″H x 7-3/4″D) make it easy to integrate into any setup.