Crosszone CZ-1 (66% off)

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The CZ-1 has a headband made from die cast magnesium, which retains shape and is not easily deformed after long term usage. Torsion springs built into the hinge on both sides reduces the lateral pressure and allows for a comfortable listening experience.

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Natural Sound Field

Crosszone’s CZ-1 is a unique headphone that achieves the External Sound Localization effect with an original technology. Different from conventional headphones that have a problem known as internal sound localization (in which the sound sources seems to be located inside the head), the CZ-1 uses Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) and Acoustic Delay Chambers (ADC) to achieve this natural and spatial sound field. It simulates the experience and sound pathway listening with stereo speakers.

Three different pathways are created using ART and ADC technology. Two drivers (for high and low frequencies) create the direct sound. Another 40mm driver creates the reverse channel sound. The two air chambers for mainly the reflected and reverse sounds are used to create this delay. Sounds from the reverse and reflected chamber are mixed with the direct sounds, which generates a spatial sound field and a wide sound stage (external sound localization).

In order to fully experience the forward staging effect, we recommend that you place the ear pads closer to the back of your ear.

Actualization of Natural Sound Quality and Good Balance of Sound Frequency

As the diaphragm plate on the two driver units for the main sound sources (HF 23mm/ LF 40mm) is coated with beryllium and the brass frame is adopted for the woofer driver, the balance of natural sound is well reproduced from lowest to highest frequencies.

Dedicated Cables to Support High Sound Quality and High-Resolution

High quality cables are provided with the CZ-1. The OFC (oxygen free copper) cable features an anti-noise, twisted structure. 8 cores (4×2) are separated from the plug at the amplifier side, which assures left-right channel separation. The housing cable connector has a waterproof structure; sound quality variation due to air leakage is well controlled.

The cables can be connected to either the left or right earpiece as channel integrity is maintained. This feature also reduces wear and stress on the cable and headset.