AUDIO GROUP is the Canadian service centre for GRADO headphones; please get in touch with us for other GRADO product.

Our technicians are factory trained; we keep parts in stock for a speedy service; we do not make modifications, we do not sell parts.

The headphones to be repaired must be sent prepaid, by the carrier of your choice to our Service centre (address at the bottom of the page).

For headphones under warranty: please include your bill of sale from an authorized Canadian dealer, if out of warranty, send along a money order or a cheque payable to AUDIO GROUP.

There is no need to contact us prior to sending a headphone for repair.

The item repaired will be returned to you by UPS or Royal mail (our choice) within 2 weeks.

We offer a FLAT RATE service; it includes all that is necessary to get the headphones back ‘’into original working condition’’, labour, parts, transport back to you and applicable taxes; the replacement of ear pads is not included.

AUDIO GROUP offers a 30 day warranty on repairs (if same problem occurs).





Flat rates for repairing GRADO headphones

I Grado :  



SR60 all versions



SR80 all versions



SR100/125 all versions



SR200/225 all versions



SR325 all versions



RS2/PS500/HP2/HP3 all versions



RS1/HP1 all versions



GS1000 all versions



PS1000 all versions














Replacement Pads

Extra Small pads for I Grado (pair): $11
Small pads (pair): $17
Large ear pads (pair): $35
Extra Large pads (pair) for GS and PS1000: $69



Warranty of GRADO products

GRADO products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from purchase date; 2 exceptions:

  • iGRADO are covered by a 120 days warranty as written on the packaging.

  • Stylï (also named Diamonds) are not warranted. We suggest you check them before leaving the store.


Canadian service center adress:

2054, de Salaberry St.
Saint-Bruno (QC) Canada
J3V 4N6

Tel:  514-267-6231