Audio Group

Audio Group is a Canadian owned company represented by Sarah Tremblay and Michel Plante. They have both been involved in the high end audio sector for over 30 years!

The company’s mission is: to import, promote, repair and distribute the well known GRADO products in Canada. These products are: cartridges, headphones and accessories related to these 2 categories.

The products are stocked in Montreal in order to give our retailers instant and easy access to our products.

Audio Group is a wholesaler. We sell to authorised retailers but not to consumers.

Audio Group will:

  • Repair under warranty and free of charge, any Grado product purchased in Canada through an authorised Grado dealer.
  • Repair all Grado products no longer under warranty.


Brooklyn's finest


The Grado family has deep roots in Brooklyn, where they have been hand building headphones and cartridges since 1953. Tradition and heritage have been carried down through three generations.

Stable 33.33

Local Ingenuity

Stable 33.33 is a start-up company based in Gatineau Qc. Canada. After over 15 years of making products for his friends and himself, machinist expert and designer Sylvain Pichette decided to present his creations at the Montreal Audio Fest which was huge success, the rest is history!